Opening Salvo

    Moonlight Feels Right

    Issue 135

    Found inside a fortune cookie: “Because of your melodic nature, the moonlight never misses an appointment.” Well, OK then! I try not to miss any either.

    in this issue: Ray Chelstowski has a heart-to-heart talk with Ann Wilson. Tom Gibbs tells you what you need to know about ripping DSD from SACD (yes, it can be done). Russ Welton interviews guitarist, historian and author Paul Brett, and wraps up his interview with Yamaha UK. WL Woodward gets hit by the Wrecking Crew. J.I. Agnew continues his series on classic tape machines with a look at the Ampex ATR Series. B. Jan Montana tells a tale of camaraderie. Don Lindich encounters the legendary London “Decca” Super Gold phono cartridge.

    John Seetoo looks back at the Wild West days of 1980s digital film sound. Ray profiles Deko Entertainment, a company that knows legacy rock artists are still vital. Rudy Radelic begins a series on the jazz side of Henry Mancini. I review a metal record – literally, a DMM dubplate from Stockfisch Records made of copper-plated steel. Anne E. Johnson covers the career of country music pioneer Roy Acuff and picks eight great tracks from saxophone colossus Sonny Rollins. Ken Sander hangs with David Crosby and Jethro Tull. Peter Xeni flies with unconscious power, James Whitworth shreds, Audio Anthropology gets tangled up in 8-track and our Parting Shot has growth potential.

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