PS Audio founder and CEO, Paul McGowan, writes a daily blog: short, informative, fun, often controversial, but always interesting. Subjects range from personal stories, how to setup your system, news of the day, streaming, vinyl, tubes, transistors, loudspeakers, holographic imaging and more. Kind of like the Car Talk of audio. Not much is sacred, and there’s rarely a mention of our own products.

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Paul's Posts

Foreign networks

Paul McGowan

Home networking is getting easier everyday. We should embrace this change rather than fret over it.

Subwoofers are essential

Paul McGowan

Subwoofers are an essential element in any system if you want the total experience available on the music.

Getting centered

Paul McGowan

System setup is critical to the best performance. Here's how to put the magic into your phantom center channel.

Audio mindset

Paul McGowan

Commitment to the ritual of audio focuses our attention but we can make a slight tweak to the mindset to get the same results if we want to.

Tone controls

Paul McGowan

How come tone control haven't yet made their appearance again in high-end?

Changing stripes

Paul McGowan

Have people changed and does that spell a decline in the high-end?