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I was reading one of the print magazines and noticed an ad for a high-end wire company. They were crowing about their product and how it will add this or that to the music: better bass, increased transparency, depth etc. Virtues of the product that we, as a wire manufacturer as well, have written about in the past.

As I reflect upon what they wrote, it occurs to me that many people may believe wire can add something to the system's performance. It cannot. Wire is passive and can add nothing. It can only subtract.

I first ran into this years ago when we were developing some of the first high-end power cables to hit the market. I noticed that the heavier the gauge I used for the power cable (thicker the wire) the more pronounced the bass and, at the time, assumed we were adding bass. Of course, wire cannot add anything. It's just wire.

Silver cables add brightness to the sound? Wrong.

As I don't want these daily posts to get too long, how about together we contemplate this question and tomorrow, let's delve into the subject a bit more.

It is, after all, just wire we're talking about.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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