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I mentioned in yesterday's post I had been thinking about a new way to give back to the community. To produce a publication that spoke not of new products and how they relate to others of the past, but one that provided original content you don't normally read elsewhere. Interviews with industry people, tours of factories, personal stories from musicians, recordists, movers and shakers. How-To articles that interest our community. A place where each of us can write a story about our system, show pictures and share with others what we've accomplished. Interesting opinions. News of what's happening. If we manage to do this it will be a weekly online publication. There are tools today that allow a small staff to publish magazines and send them to people's phones, tablets and computers. It would be an investment on our part to fund the thing, pay the writers, create the content, deliver it. But from our perspective, there's no better investment we can make than community. Deep within our hearts we believe a strong, educated, invested community is good for everyone. It's why I invest my time each and every day writing these words. But we need a name for this publication. My son Scott suggested Audio Pulse. Good name. Maybe great. Best I've yet heard. So I figured we'd have a naming contest. Come up with the best name for the new magazine and I'll send you a $500 Sprout. We'll be the final judges. Submissions should be made to me directly, then the staff will decide. You simply click on my signature at the beginning of this post and it emails me. This is all very early on and still in the formative stages, subject to change. We're planning on several regular weekly columns, opinions, commentary, music articles, how to, show off your system, lifestyle, and so forth. We'll talk of equipment, but only in the most general of terms, unless we think readers would benefit from knowing about them. Like an article on how to use Sonos in a high end system, or perhaps leveraging Squeezebox. Maybe a new must-have accessory comes along–and we'd want people to know about it. The point is, the publication's purpose would not be to promote products just for the sake of doing that. We'd like to have tours of factories–maybe we start here–visit some other local guys like Ayre, Rowland or Boulder Audio. If we can afford to travel, there are other opportunities for tours too. I don't know - I really don't. It just seems like if we step outside our comfort zone and go for it - something good for the community will happen. And it can morph. And it will morph. And you will make suggestions and we will listen. But I don't want it to be about selling product. It should give to the community. It should be generous. It should be missed if it were to go away. Let me know if you think of a good name. And then check to see if it's been taken before you send it. Thanks.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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