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When we make recordings the engineer has to decide from what viewpoint or perspective the recording should be made from.

The best example of this is a symphonic orchestra. It’s pretty common and obvious that it is to be recorded from the perspective of the conductor. After all, it is the conductor to whom the orchestra is playing to.

When recording a piano should it be from the perspective of the pianist? It is she, after all, that makes every decision based on her perspective.

What’s a bit of a head-scratcher on this topic is trying to decide what’s expected and what sounds the best. On the one hand, because I don’t play the piano I haven’t any idea what it sounds like from the performer’s perspective. As well, I’ve never conducted an orchestra.

And while we’re asking ourselves what the right answer is (if there is one), from what distance should the recording be made? Intimate, close, and immersive? A bit distant and encompass the room?

Now with the ability at Octave Studios to capture perfectly whatever viewpoint we decide upon the question becomes ever so much more interesting.

Currently, I am leaning hard into intimate and close. Feeling like I can reach out and touch the performer.

It’s where the greatest magic awaits to be uncovered.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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