Uncharted waters

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As I venture deeper into the uncharted waters of YouTube with my daily video vlogs I am exposing thousands of new people to the world of high-performance audio (11,000 subscribers and counting). And when I do that, the amount of pushback to the core ideals of what we take for granted is fascinating. A little exhausting too. Most of the people I routinely connect with are ensconced in what we do. That fact has an insulating nature to it. I forget that the ideas of trusting our hearing to measure change we haven't yet developed machines to corroborate those same findings with is mostly vilified outside our circles. I wonder why. It's almost as if the very mention of trusting one's ears is so repugnant they lash out in anger. Do they feel threatened? Outraged? Offended? Wounded? Inadequate? Confused? In denial? Or simply hoodwinked? When I ask them why, they tell me they are comfortable trusting most of our faculties like touch, smell, taste, memory, and vision. Just not our ears. That fact alone has my wheels turning and question marks dancing like sugar plums. Maybe it's the engineer in me that wants to figure out why something works. Or doesn't. Whatever. I am delighted traveling through these uncharted waters and glad I took the leap of commitment of producing a daily vlog. Uncharted waters are the only way I know to find new lands, fresh ideas, and greater insight. Thanks to those who are helping freshen up this old brain.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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