Two ways to look at a problem

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The problem with problems is they first need recognition. If you don't see something as a problem, you won't look for a solution. Take AC power as an example. If your HiFi system displays a constant low-level grunge, or a bright tinge riding atop music's notes, chances are good you have an AC problem. Some recognize it as a problem and search for a solution. Others, either unaware or in denial mode, shrug their shoulders or blame something else. The hard part is recognizing a problem exists in the first place. It's easier to pass unhappy results off by assigning them to fate. Here's another example. If all sample rates and formats of digital audio sound the same to you, there are two courses of action:
  1. Ignore it, believing differences don't exist.
  2. Identify it, and look for a solution
I typically take the latter.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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