Twin approaches

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Twin approaches

In a prior post I pointed out that no one parameter like distortion or timing is more important than the others (assuming a reasonable level for all parameters).

That concept is generally known as synergy but it can be magnified by another concept, Holism.

A holistic approach sees the entire system as an interconnected and unified whole rather than a collection of individual components. It involves careful consideration of how every part, down to the smallest detail, interacts within the complete system. The focus is on extending beyond the mere functionality of the components, including the system, room, décor, furniture, and recordings, aiming for a seamless and coherent whole.

The synergistic approach emphasizes the cooperative interaction of the specific parts of each subsystem with the whole.

 Both approaches are needed: synergy to cobble together just the right blend of cables, amps, DACs, and preamps, and holism to integrate that system into a complete experience.

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