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Touchy feely

Working from home has its challenges. I remember when, in 1997, I left the daily life of Genesis Technologies to reform PS Audio. Back then, the new PS Audio was me and Terri working out of our home.

At first, it was maddening. Instead of connecting with Genesis' many employees, my world had narrowed to my home office. I began building routines: 3 walks a day, morning noon and night. I assigned myself tasks: build the new website, design new products, write the manuals. There was always plenty to do, and it didn't matter where I was to do it. I missed the touchy-feely camaraderie of the office but replaced it with a new means of outreach, building the PS Audio community.

Transitions are hard because we keep trying to do the same things in new circumstances. When reality shifts, you need to shift with it.

We are social creatures. We need community but that community does not need to be touchy-feely. We have a community right here. You, and me, and the others.

Quick story I've previously shared but good to repeat. My oldest son and his family live not more than a few blocks from our home. It's a rare week we do not get together for dinners. Now that's no longer possible. Terri and I wave at them on our walks.

When reality shifts, you need to shift with it.

Terri had a brilliant idea: a virtual dinner. She sent out invitations, we cooked our dinner of potato zucchini pancakes and salad, poured a couple of glasses of nice red wine, turned the stereo system on low, set the laptop on the dining room table, and enjoyed each other's company for more than an hour thanks to FaceTime.

We even played the grandkid's favorite, The Animal Game. One person thinks of an animal while the others have to try and guess what it is with only yes or no questions (really hard when the animals are imaginary, so we had to make rules). We laughed as hard as if they were within touchy-feely distance.

When reality shifts, you need to shift with it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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