We are special

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We are special
Indeed. Audiophiles and music lovers, we're different, special. We take care of each other, we are a community. A family. For those watchers of my daily YouTube videos you may have noticed I haven't mentioned much at all about how life has changed so rapidly. There's a good reason for that, most of those videos were recorded earlier—like weeks earlier and back then, we weren't thinking about it. But, now we are. Yesterday, here in Boulder, the snows were gently falling. It was a beautiful day and since I am not leaving the house I thought I'd hop up onto our deck and make a video. The video will tell you where we're at as a company. How most of us are working from home, and the production and shipping people, along with our President, Jim Laib, our CFO, Keenan Haga, are working in the PS Audio mothership with as much space and care as is needed to keep them safe. We are here for you. Our customer service, sales, engineering staffs are plugged in and working as if nothing had changed. Call 800PSAUDIO and you'll be connected to a HiFi Specialist just like before—only this time there might be the sounds of a couple of kids in the background. Hang out with us on the forums where Elk and I are working hard to keep it as fun and uplifting as we can. Listen to stereo. Enjoy being at home if you are, and do your best to keep smilin'. Look, we're going to get through this. We're special, we care, we're community. We are here for you.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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