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Many of us are staying at home being safe. That's great. While at home, we're upgrading our stereo systems, repositioning the speakers for best sound, enjoying music. All the things we didn't have time to do before this. It's what it is and I am encouraging us all to enjoy the moment and make the most of it. To that end, how about adding some reading to your list of things to do? I have been working on a new book. A series of new books, actually. Unlike my first book, 99% True, a memoir, these books are part of a series: the Sam Sawyer Series. Sam Sawyer is my nerdy version of Indiana Jones and the books are an adventure series. My plans for the book are to finish the first three in the series before publishing, but hey! Since we're community, why not share? Starting today, I will publish one new chapter from Book One, Resurrection, each day for the next month. I will put a little note and link to the new chapter in my daily posts about audio. I hope you take the time to read. The chapters are short, the adventure begins: Resurrection, Chapter 1 Tomorrow, we return to our audio discussions.
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