The joy of discovery

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The world's a tough place to navigate during childhood. We burn our finger, fall off our bike, spit out food we dislike, get caught red handed in the cookie jar. Most of those hard-won lessons stick with us until we start to branch out a bit. And that's when it gets interesting. Food discoveries were my first awakening beyond childhood: a sweet raw pea instead of the boiled gray spheres I grew up with. High-end Italian food compared to Chef Boyardee spaghetti or French bread vs. Wonder bread. Many of these first-time discoveries change life-long habits. I remember the first time I heard a high-end stereo system (a pair of JBL corner horns fed by Audio Research equipment). That single experience changed my life and continues to offer personal growth. When our eyes are opened to the new and wonderful we grow as individuals in the same way as climbing a mountain. Each step brings us closer to the top where the views are nothing short of magnificent. Don't settle for Wonder Bread. The joy of discovery—widening vistas—stretching our comfort zones—can eradicate personal stagnation. What new have you discovered today?
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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