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Is there some reason we must always be sensible, efficient, and purposeful? We don't bother with it on vacation, at the park, on a hike, or snoozing on a warm Sunday afternoon. But driving to work we obsess over saving a few precious minutes. An early birthday present for me was a $150 cast iron dutch bread oven. This was in addition to the one I already have (they are not the same). Doesn't seem very efficient. In fact, my whole obsession with bread baking makes no sense at all. Just down the street is one of the best bakers in the city and my chances of equalling his skill are remote, and certainly not economically sensible. I can purchase a lifetime of loaves for the price paid for my baking obsession. That's not why I do it. If you're interested in why watch this. High-end audio is perhaps not the most efficient, cost-effective, or sensible means of filling your home with music. In fact, I guarantee we can do it for less. Yet, we don't. We give ourselves permission to step outside our self-imposed boundaries for the sheer joy of it. It makes perfect sense to keep your life in order and provide for your family. That doesn't mean your pleasures and passions have to make sense. They only need to bring you their namesake.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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