The importance of speaker cables

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We've been discussing the differences I have experienced between the two connection methods facing Audiophiles with separates: long speaker cables or long interconnects. After years of stubbornly clinging to the logical notion long speaker cables are best, I was finally swayed to the other side. It happened because A/B comparisons proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, short speaker cables with the amps near the speakers worked best. I wish I understood why, but some things must be taken on empirical evidence, even if they don't make a lot of engineering sense. My speaker cables are about a meter and a half long. The amps that drive them, the BHK 300 monoblocks, laugh at the electrical complexity these short cables present to them. And yet, some of the biggest changes I can demonstrate for people are to be found in these short connecting cables. As those who have visited Music Room One are aware, the speaker cables I prefer are giant flat ribbons of silver. Handmade by MG Audio Design, these bad boys are jaw droppers of the first order. Which still seems odd to me. My 50 foot long Audioquest balanced interconnects made a big improvement even over the former cables in the sound room—a great pair of 30 footers. But the differences they made pale in magnitude to what the short speaker cables wrought to the system. It's a crazy thing, one I'll openly admit I simply do not understand. Not one whit. Tomorrow I'll finish up this series and we can move on to a new subject.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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