The great conundrum

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The great conundrum

What makes buying speakers so different than electronics?

We understand how essential it is to evaluate a new DAC or phono stage in our own system. How else would we know if it's the right fit for our musical tastes? We happily invite electronics into our homes for a test drive.

But speakers? Speakers feel different. We've got to see them in person first.

Would it be wrong to liken this to our old fears of inviting strangers into our homes? That we must first be properly introduced by a mutually acceptable intermediary before opening our doors?

And if it's the thing about strangers, why are electronics welcomed inside while speakers require a formal meeting?

Do electronics feel safe while speakers threaten? Perhaps it's the sheer size difference between the two.

I find all this fascinating because of any products in the stereo chain, there's nothing more critical to in-home audition than speakers.

It would seem old habits and fears are hard to ignore.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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