The Do Over

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The Do Over

We’ve all made mistakes and I’ve made many. In fact, I’ve made so many I am getting proficient at fixing them, covering up their trail of destruction and moving forward in the hopes of not repeating them.

One thing I’ve learned from my mistakes is the Do Over. That sometimes it’s not good enough to clean up the mess. Better to start over and get it right.

The Do Over is a hard lesson but oh so valuable, especially when it relates to your stereo system. If you’ve started out with that perfect set of loudspeakers before following it with some poor choices in electronics and cables, I have always found it preferable—though painfull—to start over instead of trying to fix the problem.

When we choose active room correction, warm-cables to soften harsh-electronics, blocks and magic discs to quiet power supplies, we’re often aiding and abetting a failed set of purchases.

Sometimes we haven’t a choice. Economics, room restrictions, and any number of hurdles get in our way.

But, given enough freedom, it’s often better to go for The Do Over than the Band-Aid.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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