The accidental discovery

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The accidental discovery

When we're on the hunt for answers it's good practice to question our conclusions. That's because we tend to land on the quickest answer that fits the problem. If you fix your system's hum by throwing a blanket over the amp, the hum may be gone but you haven't addressed the root problem.

But what happens when you discover something accidently? You notice that every time you switch to this cable or that cable something magical happens. You weren't looking for that result but you cannot help noticing something's different.

Does that add a layer of proof? Every time I play one mix of a new recording my foot gets to tapping far more than the other mix. No preconceptions here to cloud our judgement.

I would imagine it behooves us to pay closer attention to, and to place more credibility on, accidental discoveries. When your spouse walks into the room and says "that sounds amazing, what did you do?", it likely behooves us to listen.

Simply removing that questionable layer of preconceptions lends much authority to our decisions.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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