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I have said for many years the ultimate goal of high-end audio is to honor the music by bringing the musicians into your room as if they were playing live. I think to some degree it's a notion we can all wrap our heads around. But here's a twist suggested by one of my readers. The goal of high-end audio is not to bring the musicians live into our homes, but to transport us into the room the musicians are playing in. This somewhat academic difference may seem trivial but the more I think about it the more it seems to change my thought process. If I am being transported to the recording event then it makes far more sense to expect to hear the recording environment as well as the musical notes. The illusion of bringing me to the recording is easier to imagine than replacing my fixed boundary walls with something else. I know many of my readers are digesting these thoughts along with breakfast. My intent isn't indigestion. Certainly, this notion of going to the event, as opposed to bringing the event home, is at its core semantic, but something at the back of my head tells me there's more to this thought. Much more. It is I that needs to digest.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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