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Having something to say
There are a few ways of deciding within a company what new products to launch. The most typical is to look around at the competition, see what's working, and build more of the same so people have a broader choice. The more difficult path, the one we have always chosen, is to only build products when you have something new to say. When I left Genesis Technologies in 1997 to reform PS Audio I had nothing new in the art of designing amplifiers to say. There were already loads of great products in the marketplace and I needed time to get my head back into the groove. What I did have new to offer was not an amplifier but rather a new idea in AC power, the regenerator. At a time when all AC power products were passive boxes of coils and capacitors, I was anxious to share a new vision of how power was delivered to equipment: regulated, perfected, and without the debilitating waveform distortion common to the AC power line. This was the regenerator, the beginning of what became known as the Power Plant. Move forward by 23 years and we are still producing products that are not copies of prior art, but entirely new thoughts on how music is reproduced through a particular piece in the audio chain. If you enjoy learning of the inner workings of companies and the thoughts of their designers, check out Steve Heliker's new Ultimate Stream YouTube channel. In this latest edition, Steve interviews me and design engineer Darren Myers. You may find it interesting. Click here to watch the interview.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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