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The day before yesterday I spoke at the Pacific Northwest Audio Society near Seattle and played Sprout as the main system. Sprout powered a set of Genesis 7.2s filling the large room with ease. The sound was wonderful and little Sprout got an ovation at the end. Go Sprout go!

And yesterday I was in the lobby of the Silver Cloud hotel drinking coffee, eating breakfast, answering emails, and eavesdropping at a table of programmers waiting for their morning shuttle. I couldn't help overhearing their conversation which centered around the new Apple Watch, a product I had recently looked at and decided it had little appeal. I suspect it is targeted for those who more often look at their calendars, texts and emails, without the need to reach into a pocket.

What fascinated me was their apparent lack of understanding for the product’s mission; a functional, fashion acceptable adjunct to the phone in your pocket. They spoke instead of its frailties, pointed out its shortcomings, and ignored its intended audience, something programmers and engineers sometimes do; like comparing Sprout to a Devialet, or a Rolex to a Swatch.

It's easy enough to focus on the minutia but a tougher challenge to look at the bigger picture. Worth it when you can.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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