Talent vs. skill

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Talent vs. skill
We think of someone with talent as having a natural ability—a born-with level of skill. They got the brass ring. I would suggest this notion of talent is somewhat of a self-limiting myth. Vladimir Horowitz wasn't born to play the piano. His combination of physical attributes coupled with his life-long development of skills got him where he wound up. If I am willing to invest the time, energy, and dedication to developing a particular skill I can elevate myself to the point where others might look at me as having talent. (which would make me smile because I know how many years of hard work it took me to become an overnight-talented success). If you want to build the best stereo system in the world you don't need talent. You need only desire and persistence. ht: to Seth Godin for this riff.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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