Swimming with the current

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Swimming with the current

If yesterday's post about riding round and round on a carousel pointed out a potential lack of forward progress, then today's post about resistance might come in handy.

We want to move forward in our lives but sometimes there are strong currents of opposition to battle against. For example, we might really want to have a system in our homes that rivals the IRSV in Music Room Two. A great daydream until the reality check of acquiring and installing 1.2 tons of speaker crashes through. That's a lot of strong upstream currents to battle.

In Buddhist philosophy, we might be advised to just let go of the dream and let nature take its course. In Paul philosophy, we let go of the specific while getting as close to the end goal as possible.

This is the classic middle ground of making a small course change to get out of the heavy upstream currents to find an easier path. If we can't have an IRS in our living room, what could we have that gets us close? In my case, years ago, that meant the smaller copy of an IRS system, the Infinity RS1B. No, it wasn't the big daddy I wanted, but it gave me more than a taste of what I had dreamed of. That system took me to places I had not dared imagine I could go.

Dream big, but when reality sets in, don't head for the boring safety of the shore. Instead, just scale back that vision to where it fits into your life.

Middle ground is often a happy place.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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