Strength Of Belief

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Strength Of Belief

I recently got this comment in response to a video I produced about interconnects and their differences.

“Not with an interconnect. Not possible. They all sound the same. Exactly the same. Do a double-blind test under lab conditions, you’d only ever guess it right 50% of the time. You won’t do that of course. You’d be found out.”

It’s clear this well intentioned person has a very strong belief in what he/she is saying. That belief is no doubt rooted in their own personal experience. I get it. If every time I tried different interconnects and heard zero difference then I too would believe the same thing.

And what’s even tougher about this paradox comes to us courtesy of the internet. No matter what your beliefs may be you can find supporting evidence on the web. The Earth is flat? There’s a conspiracy afoot? The pandemic is a hoax? Cables don’t matter? Bill Gates is out to take over the world? The Earth is hollow?

Long ago, research was far more tedious. One had to go to the library and actually read the literature on the subject. Because it takes time and effort to write and publish books, new ideas and conspiracy theories were far and few between.

Today, in the age of instant access to information—whether true or false—we can find justification for literally anything.

Did you know the moon is a hoax?

Going forward, it’s probably helpful to take a deep breath or a walk around the block before jumping too quickly into believing what information is presented to us—information that, as the old saying suggests, is too good or too absurd to be true.

Now, let me get back to that $5 million prize I just won just after I send that kind Nigerian Prince my bank account information.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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