Staying healthy

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Staying healthy
*Chapter 15 of my upcoming novel, Resurrection, is posted here. You're probably sick of everyone and their brother telling you to be careful about this and watch out for that, so I am not going to add much to the discussion except a small point of concern. It has to do with the fact most of us reading this post are male. There's an old saw that goes something like the more guys congregate together the dumber they get. I am not sure that's true but here is what I think just might be true. Sometimes we males can feel the need to appear strong—taking risks that prove our strength and dispel any signs of weakness. I think it's just in our DNA. I felt silly the first time I put on gloves. Self-conscious, actually, worried what the others might think, afraid I'd appear weak. I sensed this in me and had to bite my lip and just put them on. When walking, I have to force myself to steer clear of the others. It doesn't feel natural to me and I worry what the others might think. But, I buck up and do it anyway. I get it. It's our nature (or maybe it's just mine) to be the pillars of strength, impervious to external threats. Manly. The virus doesn't know gender and it doesn't pay attention to borders. It's an equal opportunity infector. If any of this resonates, do me a favor. Put those feelings aside. Be safe. Don't take chances and go out of your way to show your manliness. We want you to be here when this passes. *Thanks to my friend Ken Hopke for this picture.
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