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In answer to yesterday's post about the Secret lives of Audiophiles, we got some great answers. Too many to reprint but I picked a few of my favorites.
"Really, you still listen to vinyl? —Yes, never stopped. I gave my records away a long time ago. —I’m sure someone is still enjoying them… I’ve got all my music on my phone, now. —Ummm…well I’ve got some music on my phone too but… Haha—can’t do that with records! —Well, actually, you could if you really wanted to but… Why wouldn’t you want to? —Hmmm…well…hey, look at the time—gotta run."
"Why do we need to explain it? Some people understand my passion for music and some don’t. I have been at it for 40 years (I am 54) and hope to get another 30 before I punch out, and hope to waste as little time as possible defending my interests to others during whatever time I have left. Now back to vinyl…"
Many shared their hesitation to brag or explain why they spent a lot. Completely understandable. Or, my fellow manufacturer, Jim McCullough who writes:
"I would have answered your question with “Because they just won’t get it”, which is pretty much the same as “I am constantly misunderstood”. And I too have changed from “My company makes high end audio equipment” to “My company makes stereo equipment”. I now occasionally (actually more and more) get the Sonos variant on the Bose response: “Oh, you mean like Sonos”."
But perhaps the best answer is the simplest. Most people don't openly share their hobbies and passions with others because…well…that's just not something we do. Who cares? High-end audio is something that will likely remain a well-kept secret and that's alright. It's ours.
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