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Updating the software in DirectStream to the latest, Torreys, has all our customers excited–a breath of fresh air, a new height the DAC achieves, higher than anyone who purchased that DAC ever imagined it could take them. And it's something we do for free over the internet.

And what's still tough for me to get my head around is the idea of changing the fundamental operation of a piece of hifi gear through software.

It used to be that modifications were made through the heat of a soldering iron. Now, they can be downloaded or sent via email.

When I first started in this industry there was no software. None. Nada. Over the years we began using more bits and less solder to manipulate the front panels of products–never the actual workings.

All that changed in 1982 when digital audio marched onto the scene.

Instead of bits serving the hardware, the hardware started serving the bits.

When our wares shift their focus from hard to soft, our thinking processes have to move with them. I am getting there; my head's only partially wrapped around this soft vs. hard thing.

But how cool is it I can modify your unit with little more than an email?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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