Snap judgments

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It's tempting to throw a new product into your system and pass judgment.

Tempting, but dangerous.

Systems are all about synergy, where the whole is the sum of all parts. Change any one part and all you've managed to determine is how well that part fits into the system—not how good that one part is.

I struggle with this all the time when evaluating new designs because Music Room One is not easy to change.

I work around this by being very careful on two counts: knowing the system's weakness and paying close attention to the design's laundry list.

The first requisite is the most important. Knowing your system's weakness and strength will help you evaluate new gear fairly.

Noting the laundry list is a bit tedious but important. Often we take notes: great bass, soft highs; better depth, but at the expense of a narrowed soundstage; hifi sounding but accurate; and so on.

The effort it takes to evaluate new kit is not insignificant, but oh, so worth it when you get it right.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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