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We absorb much of our physical world through two of our five senses: eyes and ears. And while adequate for most of life's activities I sometimes feel a disconnect. Walking through the woods can seem like a distant movie, so I often caress a tree's bark to feel more connected. And the funny thing is, that turns out to be the one memory I retain of the hike. You can probably relate. Ever notice how your first impulse is to touch something of beauty? The smooth surface of a sculpture, the softness of a fabric. We're closer to physical objects when we engage more of our senses than just eyes and ears. I recently learned of a wonderful review site that focuses only on touch. The first time you engage with this guy you laugh. And you should. It's certainly tongue in cheek. But then… I had a great belly laugh watching this 20-second video review of Naim's new little server. But it reminded me just how important the touchy-feely part of us is.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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