Mixing and matching

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Our favorite Italian restaurant just happens to have the best olive oil I have yet tasted—its healthy oleocanthal burn at the back of my throat is exquisite. Funny thing is, the olive oil in question is not in keeping with the restaurant's Italian theme. It is from Spain—a perfect hybrid of cultures in service of great taste. And, isn't that the secret to building great products? Mixing and matching tubes and MOSFETS in the BHK series, analog and digital in Stellar, traditional phono stage with advanced A/D conversion in NuWave, vintage controls with modern internals for Sprout. The very best forms of art are not built upon pure, narrow focused subjects. Rather, they are amalgams of multiple ideas and disciplines that, together, form something new, something amazing. Our home systems are great examples: mixed and matched to enhance our musical pleasure.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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