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Much of the feedback on this subject centered around the name "high-end" and the general feeling the name's a turn off because it equates to "high-priced" in people's minds and doesn't really describe the concept. I agree. But that just reinforces my first contention that we need a brand name. Brand names create brand promises. Take PS Audio as a brand. We promise high value, high-end audio and power products and provide exceptional interaction with our community. It's what you think about when you think of us. That's a brand promise. What's the brand promise of high-end audio? We put you in the concert hall with the musicians and we do that by adding a third dimension to a two dimensional process. Stereophonic sound is a two-dimensional technology providing everything in the X (left to right) and Y (top to bottom) axis between the two speakers. High-end audio adds a third dimension in the Z axis (front to back) we call depth. It is the addition of this 3d dimension that helps the illusion we are trying to create: you are there. We immerse you in the sound experience. Let's make up a brand name for this example: 3D Stereo. Ignore all the rush of doubts this may generate in your mind - it's just an example. Better minds than mine can take this and give us something better, of that I am sure. But it does two things: creates a brand promise and differentiates high-end products from run of the mill consumer products. Getting a system to sound like you are there is not necessarily expensive - it just takes skill, knowledge and execution of techniques that we in the high-end audio business understand quite well. It's what we do and what we know how to design. If we then follow through with advertising and media stories about these "new" products that - when used together properly - add another dimension to what I am hearing, who wouldn't that be interesting to? I am interested already. On the long shot anyone likes 3D Stereo for the brand name, I grabbed the URL www.3dstereo.org for the high-end community. I am happy to donate it if there's any interest. BTW, I just pointed the domain at ours for now, so you'll just be taken to the PS site.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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