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The easiest way to get us to do something out of the ordinary is to suggest it can't be done. It shouldn't be done. It's impossible. No one else has ever done it.

When I first learned of musical synthesizers in the early 1970s I was told they could only play single notes because of their voltage controlled keyboards. The solution to that problem became my first company, Infinitizer—crafting the world's first polyphonic synthesizer before the tiny enterprise collapsed in economic failure. Turns out you need more than a good product to build a company.

When Stan and I couldn't find a dealer to carry our first product, the phono stage, we went directly to customers in spite of the finger-wagging naysayers. Or, introducing external power supplies for amps and preamps when Stan discovered overkill power transformers sounded better despite conventional engineering practice; separate DACs bettered built-in ones; passive volume controls were cleaner than line stages; power cables sound different; AC power quality often matters more than the circuit it powers.

If what is being proposed does not violate the established laws of physics then our interests in convention challenging ideas are piqued.

Building more of the same is boring and does not contribute to the advancement of our beloved industry.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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