Scientific evidence

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Scientific evidence
Evidence comes in a variety of flavors. What we see, hear, feel, learn, or experience. Most evidence we might offer up in a discussion is pretty easy to dismiss if that evidence doesn't line up with our worldview. Place the word scientific in front of it and the credibility of the evidence changes (even if the science is nonsense or taken out of context). I don't mean to dismiss science or its evidence. No, not at all. Science is what makes our society run. We trust science and we rely upon that science to keep us fed, safe, and healthy. What I am suggesting is that we need to be careful about loosely applying the term to our evidence. I am sure somewhere there is a scrap of out-of-context scientific evidence the earth is flat. Maybe a better way to approach our terms and their meaning would be to say something like science generally agrees or even stronger it's a scientific fact. Ohm's Law is a scientific fact that doesn't require any of us to agree or disagree for it to be true.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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