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I thought you might be interested in an update on the Helmholtz Resonators we built into Music Room One. For those of you who watched the video serieson building the sound room you will remember that we closed off each of the room's four corners, built a wallat a 45 degree angle in each of those corners, filled them with sound absorbing material and then proceeded to add tuned port resonators to help eliminate the 12dB bump we have at 24Hz. I am sorry to say they didn't work all that well and Bob Stadtherr (our chief engineer) and I are a bit baffled (not to make a pun). We did get about a 4 to 6dB reduction at 60Hz, which is good because we also had a problem area there, but almost none at the target frequency. The good news is we were able to quite accurately calculate and predict the problem due to the room's dimensions. The bad news is we weren't able to accurately calculate what we should do about it. We'll keep plugging away to make progress, but I did promise you I'd say what happened. There's a video we produced that'll show you the process we went through. Head here to see Tuning the Music Room, Part One.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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