Rabbit holes

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The problem with rabbit holes is they are easy to go deep before you realize it's the wrong one. I went down several in the design of the amplifier line that eventually became the BHK, as well as building the first Power Plant two decades ago. My first idea to design a perfect AC power generator was a carbon copy of what powers our cities. A spinning, mechanical, power generator. Mine would not be spun by the fires of coal or natural gas, but instead by the very power I wanted to replace. On paper, I built an electric motor coupled to a generator like you might have on your bicycle. From it would come perfect, clean, low distortion sine waves regardless of the power quality coming in. That rabbit hole venture was quickly abandoned as Terri told me there's no way she'd allow a spinning noisy mechanical generator anywhere near the inside of our home. I suspected others would feel the same way. My second rabbit hole got me closer. A tube-based HP sinewave generator connected to a stereo power amplifier. Though kludgy and impractical, it worked and proved my idea that the best AC power in the world had to be generated. Nothing else would do. Certainly not a simple power conditioner, which seemed to me at the time about as useful as the polishing of a turd. Brighter and shiner but it still stinks. Today we officially launch the DirectStream P20, our finest expression of the art of regenerating new, perfect AC. Go to this page and enjoy. The P20 has once again redefined the system's performance in Music Room One, and not by a little.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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