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When we bite into a juicy sweet apple we say it's delicious. What a great, descriptive word. Delicious can apply to almost anything. A delicious read. A delicious idea. A delicious track of music. I remember the first time I heard the DirectStream Memory Player. The first track I listened to was our One Cd and Reed Foehl's Fly. The sound was delicious. Full bodied, warm, rich with harmony. The soundstage depth extended beyond the wall behind the speaker. Listen to the short MP3 snippet and you get an idea of how it could be delicious, but I doubt that's an adjective you'd utter listening on your computer speakers. But hearing it on a reference system it's just, well, delicious. One thing age has taught me. Life's full of ups and downs, good tastes and bad tastes, highs and lows, crisis and resolution. The ups and downs in our world seem to come like sine waves. We notice when the wave goes negative and things sour. We take for granted—and rarely notice—when the wave goes positive. The up times just seem normal. Better to remember the delicious waves as high points, the low troughs as inevitable, and that nothing is permanent or consistent. It is truly a delicious thought.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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