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One of the hardest tasks for me, on a personal level, is keeping an open mind. On the one hand I jump at the news of new technology, am completely open to it, lust after its news. On the other hand, the things I "know" to be true are hard to refute and often stop me from learning.

I am guessing this is a very human trait. We find what works for us, set up a rule set that keeps us safe and moving forward and deviate little from this behavior. It serves our best interest. But it also stymies our forward movement to learn and adapt.

For example, there are many among us that know vinyl is better than CD. There are many among us that know CD is better than vinyl. And there are those among us that know measurements tell the entire story. None of these are true. None of these are false. They are all circumstance driven truths, subject to change with the moving landscape of progress and new ideas.

The challenge I take on each day is to try and do battle with that little voice in my head telling me "no, no, no, that is fundamentally incorrect". It's a tough battle. That little voice is not my friend. It does not have my best interest at heart. It is rather a selfish voice.

If you are one of the more extraordinary people that can constantly challenge and compare your rule set against the ever changing landscape of technological progress, then you benefit more than someone like myself who constantly has to fight that battle.

I doubt I'll ever win, but once in a while a small skirmish is won. That makes me feel good.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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