Nothing's free

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Nothing's free
Following a recent 10-day road trip from our home in Boulder out to California and back, I gained five pounds while snacking in the car and tolerating restaurant food. Now, back home, it's time to shed those pounds and get back to my healthy number on the scale. That's not hard. I just follow the book I wrote and, within a few weeks, I am back to where I need to be. The hard part is the realization that I cannot cheat. That even if no one else is looking I cannot take a shortcut: a nibble, "just a little" of this, or that. A reminder to me that nothing's free. When I get lazy around my stereo system—impatiently listening before the system warms up, or not using a dose of CleanWave before a critical listen—I have to be alright with the results. The system doesn't care what my mood or level of commitment is. It does what it does regardless of me. Cause and effect. Nothing's free.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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