Music lovers and audiophiles

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Music lovers and audiophiles

If audiophiles are music lovers, how come most music lovers aren't audiophiles?

I guess a love of music doesn't somehow automatically equate to a love of listening to it over high quality home reproduction equipment. But, why?

Maybe the same question, applied to a different set of observations, might help illuminate the answer. For example, take my second favorite subject, food.

If gourmets are food lovers, how come most food lovers aren't gourmets?

Perhaps the answer lies in the obvious between these two observations: both music and food can be enjoyed on any number of levels. Many music lovers are happy with a pair of earbuds. It's music, right? Or take the person eating a McDonald's hamburger, hardly gourmet, yet still enjoyable to many.

I find audiophiles a wonderfully small group of special people. People who not only enjoy music but know and care about the differences between good sound and bad.

We're a special group and proud to belong.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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