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Yesterday I attended the CEDIA event in Denver. For those unfamiliar with CEDIA it's the industry's home theater, custom installation trade show.

I go never expecting much in the way of good performance. This is not a two channel show, after all. And I am always surprised when I do hear good sound. Such was the case with Golden Ear's system featuring their new Triton One loudspeaker. It's really quite good, but I must tell you of an even bigger surprise. Golden Ear's Aon 3 bookshelf loudspeaker. I'd heard these before at a show and was impressed. At $1,000 a pair, they really kick booty. So I bought a couple of pair to try out with Scott McGowan's Sprout driving them. Should be a perfect pairing.

Wow. Rarely have I ever been this impressed with a loudspeaker this size. Bookshelf speakers are not my thing - as you can imagine looking at the behemoths in Music Room One - and playing them through Sprout and streaming over Bluetooth from my phone to boot!

Congratulations to Sandy and the crew at Golden Ear. If you have a chance to audition these beauties, they come highly recommended.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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