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In a conversation with a customer over the weekend the question was posed to me: "Do you think it'll ever be possible to bring high-performance sound to the masses?"

The answer to that question is easy: no. But not for technical reasons.

'The masses' aren't typically interested in high-performance sound. It's a funny twist. I have rarely seen anyone that didn't appreciate hearing better sound, yet those same people wouldn't pay a plugged nickel to improve theirs. It seems high end sound is more of an interesting curiosity to some, like looking at a fancy sports car, than a goal many people have to acquire it. Home theaters aren't a lot different. You show someone an awesome home theater and they love it, reveling in the experience. But own it? Even if they could? Yawn.

We always seem to want to convince those around us to think like us, eat like us, look like us. But not everyone wants to or will join the club. Let's face it. The term 'the masses' probably means 'people not like us'.

It's ok to be in the minority.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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