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Music fascinates me. I am guessing you're not much different if you read this column. Sure we all like hardware and playing with the toys but without something to play on the toys there isn't much point to it. We play music.

The word 'music' in English comes from the Greek word 'mousike' that means coming from the Muses. If you're into the arts you know about the muses. All art was thought to have come from the muses: the nine daughters of the gods Zeus and Mnemosyne. Today, composers, authors, poets and artists of all kinds still invite the muses to sing through them, write through them, rhyme through them and act through them.

When you create anything your inspiration comes from the muses, that creative fire that burns within us all. Call it what you will.

I know this might sound silly, but I think one of the missions we Audiophiles have is to help the world enjoy music in its purest form; to make known there is a pure form of sound possible; to remind the world how good music can sound; to bring us as close to the purity of live sound as is possible. For are we not artists ourselves when we assemble systems that sing?

I just had the most remarkable experience last weekend: listening to music in Music Room One through the new power amp, now in its fourth week of burning in and just beginning to come into its own.

My guess is its found a connection to its muse.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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