Meet The Beta Testers

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Meet The Beta Testers

Getting a new product from concept to on-the-shelf is a long process. I don’t know of many PS products that take less than 1 year from start to finish and oftentimes they take more. The Octave player and music management system, for example, is now entering its 5th year of development (we will finally see something in 2021).

Part of the process of bringing a new product to market involves beta testing. Real users take it home and help us find problems that we might have missed. Beta testers also give us their unedited opinions of how they liked or didn’t like the new product.

Beta testers are rarely shy about expressing their opinions.

Sometimes, a product is just so over-the-top great that all the beta testers want to talk about is how much fun they’re having and how their systems will never be the same again. In a good way.

One such product recently graced the cover of Stereophile Magazine. The Stellar M1200 monoblock amplifier. Michael Fremer’s review of this amazing Darren Myer designed amplifier is worth the read.

Rarely has an affordable amplifier trounced so many uber-expensive models in such a meaningful way. (Can you sense we’re proud of this amplifier?)

Back to the beta testers that gave so generously of their time. My son (and our director of sales), Scott McGowan, video interviewed the M1200 beta testers.

Go here and watch their open and wonderfully heartfelt reviews of the M1200 power amplifier.

It’ll put a smile on your face as you reconnect with our community.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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