McCartney and Rubin

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McCartney and Rubin
My son, Scott is a fan of Hulu television. I haven't spent much time exploring it because I don't watch much television. Sometimes though, a show or two is good enough to really grab my attention. Like Apple TV's light-hearted comedy, Ted Lasso. But then, sometimes, a show comes along that's not just good for a laugh or break from work, but something truly extraordinary. Such is the show McCartney 3,2,1. Producer Rick Rubin sits down with Beatles co-founder, Paul McCartney, in an extraordinary 6-episode series of one-on-one. What's fascinating is their viewpoint. The show is filmed around an old analog mixing board and playing is the original multi-track masters of the Beatles and their music (as well as McCartney's). If you've ever wondered how important the mixing artist is, have a watch as they turn up and down the individual tracks and talk about the performances and how it all fits together. Rubin is amazing. You can go here to watch, though it is a paid service.
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