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Ok, this is nothing more than a personal rant so if you're not in the mood let's connect tomorrow.

I cannot imagine any of us that have not gotten at least one phone call informing us our car's extended warranty has expired and we should renew. Perhaps this is just a US thing, but I would be surprised if something similar doesn't happen elsewhere.

It was alright when the predators were Nigerian Princes offering through email to put money in our bank accounts. Alright because they were so transparent and easy to ignore as to be humorous (though not so funny if you actually did fall for it).

But today, these predators are getting slicker by the day, and worse, they're using the phone system. Just recently I misdialed my credit card company by one digit and got sucked into a predator's vortex. The call had all the trappings of what you might expect: "our agents are busy", "this call may be recorded", etc. But then something different. I was eligible for a survey with but two questions: was I older than 55 or not? Press 1 for yes, 2 for no.


Regardless of your choice what was on offer was a free medical alert device. The only catch is the $49 a month monitoring charge with a discount if you pay it all upfront.


What kind of people prey on others? I know it's a silly question because this kind of lifestyle probably goes back to before we dropped out of the trees on the African Savanah.

There will always be someone out to enrich themselves by the pain of others.

Hopefully, we can help each other by exposing the scams and trying to stay one step ahead. An impossible battle but one worth the time.

End of rant. Back to audio tomorrow.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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