Loud voices

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Loud voices
The loudest voices get all the attention. Yet, softer's likely the better path to follow. That is if you're interested in traveling the road of a reasoned approach. From politicians to forum posters, the ones that are most heard make the loudest, angriest, sensationalist claims. We're somehow drawn to them like moths to a flame despite the fact the results for the moth and us are likely the same. We trust that when the need arises, loud voices will warn us. Someone whispering "fire" isn't going to save many people. The problem arises when those loud and angry voices are at high volume levels merely to be heard over the din of reason. Over the long run, it's the reasoned quiet voices that help us move to a safer, higher ground. We've taken a bit of flack over our clamp of heated dialog on our forums, but know that we still believe if you're looking for a calm and reasoned place to hang out, our forums and online magazine, Copper, are lively enough not to bore and calm enough not to enrage. Both good places to be in these times of chaos.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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