Loud and soft

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Loud and soft

With all the noise on the internet it sure is hard to be heard using the millions of YouTube channels, blogs, websites, forums, news outlets, and online magazines.

In an effort to be noticed people sometimes resort to being the loudest or the most outlandish. Like that really loud kid on the playground back in school. That tactic seems to work in the short term but for the long run?

Long term, I think we gravitate to the quieter, steadier voices.

I know that I do.

It puts a one-minute smile on my face when watching the angry fist pounding product evangelist, but then it's time to move on.

I cut through the noise to find a quiet conversation of interest: to learn something, to see how it relates to me.

When it comes to the dynamics of loud vs. soft, I prefer to enjoy that on the full range of my HiFi system.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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