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December's Octave release is a wonderful piece of music from two talented artists, Bonnie and Taylor Sims. The work is a lovely collection of country music recorded and mastered in pure DSD by our own Gus Skinas. I've been enjoying the honesty and openness of this heartfelt music on the new FR30s in Music Room 2. What an amazing reference recording to enjoy. Best of all is the music. Unpretentious, soulful and honest. With over 130 million streams of their hit song, I See Red, featured in the Netflix film 365Days, their recognition soared as they charted on Billboard, Rolling Stone and signed with Columbia Records. We are honored at Octave Records that Levelland is their first acoustic duo release and is available exclusively from us. If you like good country music with a touch of modern, give a listen here and then grab a copy for yourself before they are sold out (as are many of our releases already). And, if you get a chance, check out our Octave Record's YouTube channel.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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