Last days of the show

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Last days of the show
Today is the last day of the 3-day event known as the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, or RMAF for short. I wrote about my setup experience with the subwoofer yesterday and several of you asked that I post a picture of the room and our setup. Since it's early Saturday morning that I am actually writing this note, just getting out the door in fact, all I have for a photo is a lousy one from a cell phone but it is attached here in this post. You can see our setup including one of the Von Schweikert VR-35's we're playing. We've got a rack full of PS gear in the center, including our prototype power amplifier, and since it's a small room nothing much else except seats for listening. Behind the rack you see the RPG diffusors we're using to help make the room sound better. The system actually turned out pretty well and with good program material sounds nice and spacious with the speakers disappearing nicely. What's been fun is the vinyl played through the NPC (our NuWave Phono Converter) which we've been playing for guests visiting the room. I can't tell you the number of people that have come to me or my son Scott and said "thank you for playing vinyl. I am so relieved to see an all analog room without any digital. It sounds great." Of course we just smile, play whatever vinyl they wish, take our compliments and before they leave explain that everything they just heard was actually analog through our DAC. That always sparks a great conversation about how that is possible and how we got it to sound so, well ...... analog like. RMAF Certainly we're there to show off our products, meet our customers and friends but we're also there to help show the world that great music can be played in any number of different ways: high resolution discs, CD's and yes, vinyl through a DAC. It's fun.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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