Launch of the FR30

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Launch of the FR30
*I am pretty sure most of you have gotten an email from my son, Scott, about the launch of the FR30. So, please consider this a brief follow-up. Just in case you didn't know, we officially launched PS Audio's first loudspeaker, the Aspen FR30, on Monday of this week. You can go here to watch the videos and learn all about it. The tagline for the speaker is 50 years in the making. Indeed, we've taken the past 50 years of accumulated knowledge and experience to get to the point where we're comfortable putting our name on this product. As I say in the video, speakers are the easiest and the most difficult products to design. Easiest because anyone with a table saw, screwdriver and soldering iron can bang out a pair. Difficult because the art of building a good-looking, sonically neutral structure: designing the drivers, massaging the crossovers, and perfecting the sound is by far the most demanding and varied of all the engineering disciplines in our field. Just think of the many variations of designs over the last 100 years from those who have lent their hearts and minds to the task of making music: big boxes, little boxes, room dividers, see-through panels, in-wall, on-wall: cylindrical, round, square, pyramidal, snail, robotic, horn, alien, triangular, oblong: gas-filled, ionic, electrostatic, planar, ribbon: hardwood, MDF, cement, composites, space-age, glass, and water-filled… To build the FR30 we've had 50 years of experience and 100 years of innovation to cherry-pick what works best from. The FR30 is the first in our Aspen series that will by the end of 2022, have multiple step-down models with many of the same drivers and structure as the FR30. (And, on a personal note, finally, I have a speaker I can without reservations recommend to people, something I've never really been able to do with confidence and—at times—at a complete loss of what would be best) In the United States, we're currently accepting reservations and doing so in three groups of which the first two are now sold out. If you're interested, head here and get in on the last reservation group still open. Outside the US? No worries, we're working with our international distributors to get the FR30s into their showrooms and inventories so you too can be amazed at this stunning speaker. As is true here and abroad, the FR30s are available on a waiting list of first come first served. I think you'll be excited to hear what 50 years of learning and experience sounds like.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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