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The 2014 Munich High End show is now officially the world's largest, and not by just a little bit. Exceeding, in rather handy fashion, the Las Vegas venue and even the combined attendance of all consumer shows in the US. So big is this show the venue operators opened up yet another hall for exhibitors to display their wares.

What's fascinating to me is that everything, with few exceptions, is targeted at high-end home audio. Burmeister and Meridian are displaying a few fancy car systems, but even they are high-end. Video and home theater, once the "clear direction" consumer electronics manufacturers were heading, is just about non existent.

One does have to wonder, however, where all these products are being sold. Dealers wring their hands that sales are down, yet coming to this show, looking at the throngs of interested spectators, one would have to ask that most basic of questions.

I don't have the answer but, as I watch people line up at our booth to play with Sprout, come inside to hear a demonstration of DirectStream, or try and push my way through the crowd of anxious high-end wannabes, it sure feels like all is well, good and growing in the world of high-performance audio. And you know what? The demographics of the attendees looks young. No, this is not a bigger show for a bunch of music lovers my age, the scene is vibrant, young and full of fresh faces.

And that's a good thing.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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